Fill in the blanks activity with an IPAD and a PC

I’ve made an exercice with the content type “Fill in the blanks from

and you can find it here:

The structure of the exercise is this:

19-01-2015 18-53-18

The option “Automatically check answers after input” is activated.

There are some issues I’ve experienced:

1) Case sensitive letters

When I use an Ipad with IOS 8.1.2 and when I write a word inside a blank, the first letter is always a capital letter.
If I go to another blank, the capital letter is automatically activated, even if I changed before  to write in lowercase letters.
The result is that answers are incorrect when I use a uppercase letter and the correct solution begins with a lowercase letter, as you can see in the image below.


The solution would be to say to the IPAD keyboard to begin to write with lowercase letters and to eliminate the case sensitive option, so if you write a word with uppercase or lowercase it would be ok for the answer.

The problem of the case sensitive letters to get the correct answer happens also in a PC.


2) Correction of the last item in an exercise

When there are two (or more exercices) and you arrive to the last sentence of the first exercice, or the second exercise,  it seems you can’t correct the last sentence.
The sentence is corrected if you pass to the next blank of the next exercise, the exercise 2, what is strange, because it’s another section or part in the structure.


The solution could be to activate the “Intro” button in a IPAD, or the “Enter” key in a PC to correct the items, as I tried unconsciously to tap these keys to correct the blank, but they are deactivated and they don’t correct the answer.

The same happens when I arrive to the last sentence of the last exercise.
In an IPAD, you have  to close the keyboard to correct the last sentence.


I think that it could be a good idea again to activate the “Intro” button in a IPAD  and the “Enter” key in a PC to correct the content in the blank.








Adding a task description to the exercises

In the Fill in the blanks module, you can write a Task description. This will be the title of the exercise, for example: “1.1 Put the articles before the name”.

memory game description task 1


In the “Memory game” module, however, there isn’t any task description to describe what to do to the student.

memory game description task 2


It would be appreciated to add in the memory game a task description as shown below. It would be the title of the exercise and that’s important. Besides, visually, it’s more harmonious with the other types of exercises that have a task description item or title. It could be like that:

memory game description task 3


You can see below the place of the task description in red.

memory game description task 4


Perhaps there are other modules that have not a task description, I have not used yet all of them, and it could be added.

Thank you.


Possible new variant in the Memory game

At this moment,  in the H5P “memory game”, one pic is doubled automatically and you have to match it with the same pic.

memory games 1


Another variant  could be when we have two pics but we should match them previously in the editor with other images. Here the last two images are words.

memory games 2

So, it could be a good idea, if your team wants, to add a function for matching manually in the editor – and not automatically as it works now –  an image with another image.